Science Fairs in Galice

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This space, in works at the moment, is dedicated to the science fairs in Galice, to their development, to its history,… it is fitted in a project that already turn several years and it will be seen thus materialized partly, also contemplating to the possibility of a book and a course by e-learning.
It tries to be an instrument that facilitates the work (and makes more rendible) to all that people (educators, monitors, scientific activists...) who work in the diffusion of science through the investigation and the contact with the scientific reality presented/displayed in diverse manner.
In a certain form, tries to contribute to change the words of the report Rocard (2007)"pedagogical While most of the science education community agrees on the fact that practices based on inquiry-based methods plows dwells effective, the reality of classroom practice is that in most European countries, present science teaching does not follow this approach."

A note: This space is under building, basicaly by translation of Galician version, that is accesible from this page or clicking galician flag in each page. Pages not already will present their galician version.

  • In order to have a prime idea, an image of the science and technology of the IES Porta da Auga (Ribadeo, Spain), in an edition that turned out to be international (2003). Erika_peq.JPG

Main sections

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2.Some theory
3.Science Fair on the IES Porta da Auga
5.Science at the street day (Corunna)
6.Science Shows related to Hands-on Science project
7.Other schools
8.Inice, Exposcience and other
9.Other activities related to science
10.SFTE Sables d'Olonne and Napoli: Euroscience
11.The future of science fairs
12.Internet resources


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